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All Grandmasters available

Get your Conqueror title now!

All 6 Grandmaster strikes are selectable from the Director. So it's time to finish up your Conqueror title if you don't have it yet. The current season ends on February 9, 2021.

To obtain the Conqueror Guardians must complete the following 6 Grandmasters during Season of the Hunt:

  • - Exodus Crash
  • - The Glassway
  • - The Disgraced
  • - Broodhold
  • - The Inverted Spire
  • - The Scarlet Keep
The Inverted Spire

This weeks Nightfall the Ordeal is The Inverted Spire.

The following difficulties are available:

- Adept (1180 power, matchmaking active)

- Hero (1220 power, matchmaking active)

- Legend (1250 power)

- Master (1280 power)

- Grandmaster (1300 power)

Nightfall specific loot:

Exotic Ghost Shell

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Beyond Light

Season of the Hunt is here!

We're all glad to see 2 new Nightfalls entering the rotation: The Glassway & The Disgraced.

Content Vaulting

Sadly we also had to say goodbye to the following strikes, as they will be vaulted:

The Pyramidion, The Festering Core, Savathûn’s Song, Strange Terrain, Will of the Thousands, Tree of Probabilities & A Garden World.

Nightfall Leaderboards

I added Leaderboards to the website as they were a highly requested feature. Right now I'm keeping track of your all time highscores and speedrun times per Nightfall.
Go check them out here!

Is some of your hard work missing? Have another feature in mind? Feel free to give me a heads up at nightfall.report@gmail.com.

Weapon meta

These are the most popular weapons for Nightfall the Ordeal completions on Grandmaster difficulty. Choose between one of the six featured Nightfalls.

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