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Season of the Splicer

The new season is finally here!
Together with 3 new Nightfall exclusive weapons! Starting June 22, Grandmaster Nightfalls will become available, introducing Adept versions of the new weapons. The new weapons are on a weekly rotation, in the order listed below.

Arc Fusion Rifle

Hung Jury SR4
Kinetic Scout Rifle

Uzume RR4
Solar Sniper Rifle

The previous exclusive weapons (Palindrome, Shadow Price and S.W.A.R.M.) will be returning later this season.

Featured Nightfalls

- The Glassway

- The Insight Terminus

- Fallen S.A.B.E.R.

- The Inverted Spire

- Warden of Nothing

- The Disgraced

The Disgraced

This weeks Nightfall the Ordeal is The Disgraced.

The following difficulties are available:

- Adept (matchmaking)

- Hero (matchmaking)

- Legend

- Master

- Grandmaster (available June 22)

Nightfall loot:

Uzume RR4
Solar Sniper Rifle

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Weapon meta

These are the most popular weapons for Nightfall the Ordeal completions on Grandmaster difficulty during the previous seasons. This data will be updated once GM's are available again on June 22.

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