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The Scarlet Keep

All 6 Grandmasters are now directly available!

This weeks Nightfall the Ordeal is The Scarlet Keep.

The featured Nightfall weapon for this week:

Silicon Neuroma
Sniper Rifle

Grandmaster Shields:

Grandmaster Champions:

Season of the Risen

Grandmaster Nightfalls for this season:
- Birthplace of the Vile
- The Lightblade
- The Scarlet Keep
- The Arms Dealer
- The Glassway
- Fallen S.A.B.E.R.

New Anti-Champion mods for this season:
- Anti-Barrier Scout Rifle
- Anti-Barrier Bow
- Overload Auto Rifle
- Overload SMG
- Unstoppable Glaive
- Unstoppable Hand Cannon
- Unstoppable Pulse Rifle
- Inferno Whip - Solar melee staggers Unstoppable Champions
- Overload Grenades - Void grenades disrupt Overload Champions

New Nightfall exclusive weapons for this season:

Silicon Neuroma
Sniper Rifle

Duty Bound
Auto Rifle

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Weapon meta

These are the most popular weapons for Nightfall the Ordeal completions on Grandmaster difficulty, during this season.

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